Tutorial Videos

Introduction to SiriusXM Player

This video will give you an overview of the SiriusXM player. You will learn what to expect, how the player works and how it can benefit you.

Step 1: How to Subscribe to SiriusXM Music for Business

Watch this to find out how to subscribe and get your SiriusXM credentials.

Step 2: How to Create a SiriusXM Portal Account

Set up your SiriusXM portal account where you can access your music selections, manage players and much more.

Step 3: How to Add Your SiriusXM Player to the Portal

Learn how to connect your SiriusXM player to the portal so that you can manage and stream from one central location.

Step 4: How to Create a Music Schedule

Program your SiriusXM player to turn on and off, automatically change channels based on time and day and more.

Step 5: How to Create a Message Schedule

Create a playlist of custom messages to promote your business or advertise products overhead.

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